Our Vision

We grow self-aware responsible leaders and performant teams that can navigate the ever-changing environment with ease and resiliency and create the positive impact they want on society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform leaders at all levels into self-aware, resilient leaders who lead with competency, agility and heart, and inspire high-performing teams.

Our Values

Our values drive not only how we work with clients but also how we live our lives. Therefore, it’s important that what we do day-in and day-out reflect those values. It is those values that drive our culture and the environment that our clients find when they work with us. 

Here are our core values:

Collaboration and co-creation

Together we create sustainable, cutting edge solutions that match your business needs. We collaborate and co-create with a network of experienced coaches, trainers, and experts in the field of Leadership, Team performance, Neurosciences and Resilience to develop tailored learning journeys.

Innovation and curiosity 

We embrace the power of our cognitive abilities to learn, understand, develop concepts, apply logic, and reason.  We use this knowledge and framework to build continuous learning programs that build a stronger, resilient and more performant leaders and teams for organizations.

We continuously look for new creative and experiential learning approaches and tools to stimulate learning and the embedding of new skills. 

Passion With Heart 

Our passion and heart for providing a unique method underpin our values. We collaborate with enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment. We invest ourselves in our work and have a passion for all we do. We aspire for a future of powerful and self-aware leaders, who act responsibly towards their teams and organizations, and lead with mind & heart.

Authenticity and self-awareness

We believe in leaders who are expert in themselves, and who have great awareness and understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and actions through the lens of neuroscience and mindfulness. With this higher level of self-awareness, leaders can increase their understanding of others and their emotional intelligence, which facilitate trusted relationships.    

We believe in servant leaders who grow high-performing employees and teams for a positive impact on the organization, clients and the environment; Leaders who are conscious of their strengths and the ones of colleagues and who co-create and collaborate for the benefit of the eco-system.

Sustained impact

We deliver results that matter with a sustained impact for you, your team and your business.  Neuroscience explains how people best learn and change through lived experiences. With this as our backbone, we create behavioral change. 


Lead³ stands out from other Leadership and Team coaching companies. We have listed the most important ways below of how it impacts our client work:  

  • We design powerful leadership and team efficiency development experiences that have a lasting impact on people, teams, and organizations. They are embedded in the latest thinking on adult learning and neuroscience.

  • We deeply customize the solutions to your specific context to get the best results.

  • Facts and empirical evidence support our approach to executive coaching and Leadership Development programs. 

  • We seek proven, unique and experiential methods that increase learning and develop leaders’ skills in a sustainable manner. 

  • We use proven models and neuroscience to grow leaders who lead from their mind & heart and have the skills to take their teams and organization to the next level.

  • We believe in the power of mindfulness to grow the resilience and agility of your leaders and teams.

  • We collaborate with a highly experienced network of Leadership coaches and neuroscience experts located in different countries (the US and Europe).

  • We can support you in designing and facilitating international programs, and provide you with virtual team coaching solutions.