Leaders are their direct reports’ most important coach

Your organization’s ability to grow people is vital to its success. 

Today’s business environment is highly competitive, and if your organization is going to thrive, your team members have to perform faster and better than ever before. More and more organizations recognize the impact of coaching on employees and their leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

Coaching is an essential skill for all leaders, at all levels of the organization. Leaders and managers are their direct reports’ most important coach and they have the responsibility to ensure their growth and development.

An effective coaching culture is a culture in which leaders have the skills and competencies to help employees reach their full potential. Upon their career stage and coaching experience, managers and leaders need a different coaching-skill-set to provide their team members with the support they need and develop their full potential.  

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Lead³ can support you, and your organization, in developing the coaching skills within your company. 

Our certified coaches design tailor-made programs taking into account the profile and experience of your people, and can also build a training plan to boost the coaching skills at all levels of the organization. This can include coaching skills workshops, action learning groups, one-on-one coaching, coach-the-coach sessions for your internal coaches, coaching trainings, etc. 

First level coaching programs focus on the essentials of an effective coaching conversation and building trust. The more advanced programs can include insights on the human brain and how to change habits, the different levels of listening and the importance of non-verbal, a toolbox with a set of interactive coaching techniques etc.


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